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Alaska is the land of remote lakes and majestic mountains. The aviation community of Talkeetna, Alaska has long been known for it's range of mountain expeditions, rescue operations and wilderness adventures.

Hone your skills by landing a tail dragger on mountain strips with an experienced Talkeetna Bush Pilot...the pilots of Alaska Floats & Skis.

Bring your family and friends...there are many exciting and fun adventures for people of all ages. We guarantee that you'll have so much fun that you won't want to leave!

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Bush Pilot Course Float Rating Winter Ski Flying

Includes 3 Nights Lodging, Up to 5 hours of flight time, and supporting ground instruction.

The Bush Pilot course is the most practical way to learn off-airport techniques / operations from pilots that make a living at it! In this course you will be taught the judgment & skills necessary to make safe off-airport site assessments. Our aircraft have 31" Bush Wheels, giving us the safety margin in rough landing areas like the gravel bars, mountaintops & the unimproved wilderness strips we'll be landing at. They are all part of the course. The lodging is excellent and relaxing. You can bring a non-flying friend for free. This workshop is a blast!


Airplane Single Engine Sea. Commercial or Private. This includes: 3 nights Lodging, Up to 5 hours of flight time, A/C & Instructor, check ride is additional.

We will be training on the many remote and beautiful lakes that surround the base at Christiansen Lake (AK-8) in Talkeetna. 20,310 foot Denali will dominate the sky line as you fly in this beautiful area.

Training will involve 2 days flight and 6 hours ground with the check ride on the 3rd day. It is not uncommon to stop and catch a trout during our flight training, or see moose & grizzly bears on the river. Check out your accommodations on the Lodging page.


Includes 3 Nights lodging, Up to 5 hours of flight time, Up to 2-3 hours per day prep & ski.

Spring ski flying is the best! Fly in the beautiful Alaskan winter and learn to maneuver a ski plane. Land and take-off from snow-covered frozen lakes, fly the Alaska Range, and land on the glaciers of the Talkeetna Mountains. We stop to identify tracks of our winter inhabitants, and enjoy a ski trek in the unspoiled wilderness of ALASKA. Bring your suntan lotion because it's sunny that time of year!


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The Lee family and Katie Writer made me never want to leave their idyllic lakeside property. But getting up in the air was incredible. Under a crystal...

~ Pia Bergqvist, Senior Editor - Plane & Pilot Magazine

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