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Talkeetna Airport

Alaska Floats & Skis base is located on Christiansen Lake (AK8). Pictured is the 3,400 foot paved runway of the Talkeetna Airport (PATK). Denali appears in the background.

Denali National Park (over 6 million acres and larger than the State of Massachusetts) is in the background. From left to right are the three largest peaks in the Alaska Range, Foraker, Hunter, and Denali at 20,310 feet.


Don Lee

Alaskan Bush Pilot - Founder and operator of Alaska Floats and Skis

Don lived out in the Alaskan bush in the early seventies and began flying for lodge support. He then branched into guiding for hunters and fishermen. Over the last 30 years, Don has gained extensive flight experience all over Alaska, from the Aleutian Chain to the Beaufort Sea. With hundreds of hours flying in the Gates of the Arctic Wildlife Refuge, Shumagin Islands, and Cold Bay, Don operated an on-demand air service for 7 years. In Bristol Bay, he flew fishermen to remote sites and provided lodge support.

Don has experience flying throughout the South American countries of Argentina ,Chile, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay. He also recently flew STOL missions in Afghanistan for the coalition forces during "Operation Enduring Freedom". Don also has experience flying in the wilds of Australia. He has also flown over 130,000 gallons of fuel to remote gold mines (200 gallons at a time) without a single incident. In Talkeetna he has provided expedition air support for climbers on Mt. McKinley and has over 5,000 glacier landings. Don has over 7,000 hours on floats alone with a total time over 17,000 hours.

Don is excited to pass his experience on to all pilots, both old and new, and never tires of flying with students and friends. He prides himself in working with the most experienced pilots and finding new tricks for them and in working with new pilots who may want to try new things.

Don's motivation to operate Alaska Floats and Skis is "to share these experiences and pass on safety tips to our float and ski plane applicants." Don's motto is "you will never work a day in your life if you enjoy what you are doing."


Brooke Roman

Flight Instructor

Brooke grew up in Nixa, Missouri and started flying while a freshman in college at Kansas State University. She completed her BS in Aeronautical Technology - Professional Pilot from KSU in 2014. She holds these ratings: commercial pilot airplane single engine land, airplane single engine sea, airplane multi engine land, instrument rating, certified flight instructor (CFI) and certified instrument flight instructor (CFII). She interned twice with Southwest Airlines in Flight Operations and received a scholarship at Oshkosh from the Seaplane Pilots Association to get her seaplane add-on. They told her to choose anywhere in the U.S. to get it. She chose Alaska Floats & Skis. After she got her add-on Don offered her a job to instruct in floats this summer.


Adam Skinner

Flight Instructor

Following in his father's and grandfather's footsteps, Adam has and unrelenting passion for aviation. While his flight training began in southwest Florida and continued in southern California, he accomplished the majority of his training at Walla Walla University while completing his Bachelors in Aviation Technology. A highlight of his experience at WWU was bush flying in the back country of Idaho, Washington, and Oregon. Always looking for adventure, Adam and his wife Reagan decided Alaska was the perfect fit. Here at Alaska Floats and Skis, Adam is able to share his passion of seaplane and bush flying with anyone who is ready to fly. Adam is currently working toward his A&P and holds the ratings of: CFI and Commercial with Airplane Single Engine Sea, Single Engine Land and Multi-Engine Land.


Reagan Skinner

Office Manager

Reagan comes from a nursing background. She has been an ER nurse for 13+ years, flight nurse and is a nurse practitioner. She loves the outdoors...camping, hiking and traveling with her husband and their American Bulldog, Charlie. She moved to Alaska from Walla Walla, WA and is originally from Southern California. She loves Alaska, sitting around the fire pit with Alaska Floats & Skis clients and getting to know people from all around the globe.

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I would like to thank Don Lee at Alaska Floats and skis for yet another experience of a lifetime. Each visit just gets better with new...

~ Lisa Erickson, Pilot , Boeing Engineer

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