Student Testimonials

Don't take our word for it. Our students expect us to deliver top-notch, insightful and exciting adventures. We do our best to meet and exceed their high expectations. Here's what our students have to say about their experiences with Alaska Floats & Skis.

Jean Elliott

Jean Elliott - Thanks to the terrific team at Alaska Floats & Skis, I had a wonderful experience learning to fly floats. I would highly recommend the school to anyone looking for an aviation adventure in a spectacular setting.

Jeff Mohr (Air Force Pilot)

Jeff Mohr - Air Force PilotIf you are going to learn about float planes, there is no better place than Alaska; and there is no better place in Alaska than Alaska Floats and Skis.

Joffrey Lauthier

Joffrey Lauthier - Thanks again for the amazing week of flying! While you can't get credit for the excellent weather, I'm most appreciative for the training schedule you set for me as well as the fantastic flying after completing my SES rating.

Although my new capacity to identify bear feces may not be that useful given my urban lifestyle, I'm sure my passengers will be relieved to learn that I can now confidently ditch our Cherokee into glassy water. I'm looking forward to practice glacier landings with you this spring!

John Kenny

John Kenny - Getting my Float Plane Rating at Alaska Floats and Skis has been the most fun I have had in an airplane. Not only did Katie help me earn my rating, but she also helped me become a better pilot. Katie and Don are great instructors.

I am looking forward to flying with Alaska Floats and Skis again when I take the Glacier Landing Training next Spring. Landing on Floats and on a Glacier is something a lot of pilots only dream of, but I am very fortunate in finding Katie and Don.

Kris Aguilar

Kris Aguilar - "This is the most fun I've had on my whole Alaska vacation."

Kris brings his headset everywhere he goes so his is ready for any opportunity to fly.

Lisa Erickson (Pilot , Boeing Engineer)

I would like to thank Don Lee at Alaska Floats and skis for yet another experience of a lifetime. Each visit just gets better with new things to learn and more challenging flights. Don's experience and knowledge of the local weather and regional geography, not to mention his expertise as a bush pilot, allows a pilot, low or high time, to advance their skills by pushing the envelope a bit and experience flying under potentially extreme conditions in any season. If you wish to customize your flying experience, Don eagerly makes every effort to accommodate you time and weather permitting. And while Don handles the flying, Lynnette ensures your stay in the lake front cabin is comfortable and relaxing. Even Boomer the dog jumps in wanting to be your friend. With the historic and friendly town of Talkeetna just a few miles away, Alaska Floats and Skis is both a flying and vacation destination rolled into one for pilots and those with a family. I can't wait to return. Talkeetna has become like a second home.

Thank you Don and Lynnette for your friendship and hospitality.

Pia Bergqvist (Senior Editor - Plane & Pilot Magazine)

Pia Bergqvist - Senior Editor - Plane & Pilot MagazineThe Lee family and Katie Writer made me never want to leave their idyllic lakeside property. But getting up in the air was incredible.

Under a crystal clear blue sky, there were plenty of pristine lakes nearby boring holes in the untouched wilderness surrounding Talkeetna. And Denali's indescribably beautiful rugged peaks seemed close enough to touch. I can't wait to return to Alaska Floats and Skis to get my seaplane rating!

Steve Ritzi

Steve Ritzi - Earning a Commercial Seaplane rating at Alaska Floats & Skis was an incredible, once in a lifetime experience. I can't imagine a better place to get a float rating. The Alaskan scenery is beautiful and the facilities are top notch. The best part though is the team at Alaska Floats & Skis. Don Lee, Katie Writer, Vic Schneider and everyone were just the best.I felt like I had known them for years.

By the time I completed the checkride I not only had a new rating but had made new friends as well. I'm looking forward to returning for ski training and getting the chance to see everyone again.

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